The discussion took place on 12th January 2012, mainly for finalizing the content that should go on the central website i.e, Below is a wireframe showing the abstract idea for design of the website. Thanks to Anand Raj for creating it.

width=150 height=150

Hopefully this gives an abstract idea on the layout of the central website as well as the content that should go on it. Here are the main concerns that were raised in the meeting.

1. Choice of development Platform

A consensus couldn't be reached on the platform to be used for development of the website. Opinions were divided on the following issues. Use same or different platform for and As might in future have to edited by people outside Python team, would development using Django be a serious roadblock? The idea suggested was to use Drupal for the central website and Django for python specific one.

2. Design of the website

The choice of development platform has a call in the design of the website as well.

3. Commonness of theme

Should the theme used by central website and various subdomains be the same?

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