The idea is to create a repository of Open Educational content in the form of source code to complement text books. This is also and opportunity for the participants to apply the computational techniques they will learn during the tutorials.

We have put together a set of books with increasing complexity and level of prerequisites. Participants are expected to form groups and work on and finish off a textbook of interest during the sprints. These solutions, after a review, will be made available in a public repository.

For beginner of Python/Sage, we suggest the following books:

1. Getting started with MATLAB - Rudra Pratap

2. Calculus of One Variable - Keith E. Hirst

For participants who knew to work on Python/Sage and would like to work on slightly mathematical material, we suggest:

3. Advanced Engineering Mathematics - Erwin Kreyszig [split into three parts]

4. Linear Algebra - Gilbert Strang

5. An Introduction to Partial Differential Equations with Matlab - Matthew P. Coleman

For those who don't want to do anything but physics (!), we suggest:

6. Modern Physics - Kennith Krane

7. Introduction to Dynamics - Ian Percival, Derek Richards

If a group of people are interested in working on a particular book, please feel free to suggest books, before the conference begins.

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