ToDo List

1. Initiate for submissions from earlier participants. - Done

Recieved replies from around 10 participants with most of them having completed their books. Review of these books is under way and will be soon published on Python FOSSEE website.

2. Purge the existing database

3. Create a new model for Approver, Approval

The idea is to decentralize the process from FOSSEE with the student finding the reviewer, teacher from his own college, for his work. The approver will be given permission to approve or deny student's submission. Approver also has to submit the approval of the students work twice, initially midway through the work and at the end of the work. Two passing submissions will deem the project as completed and the payments would be sent away to both Approver and student.

4. Add an app for generating PDFs from code submitted.

These would be useful for generating the entire solution manual of the student work as well as for reviewing purposes by the Approvers.

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