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Often a holster is provided security equipment with the device to aid in effective deployment under duress. Once deployed, a defense weapon needs to be used effectively, and that is often aided by a handle survival equipment and trigger mechanism provided with the device. '''[[http://forums.webconfs.com/member.php?u=35199&t=assaultgear|disaster preparedness]]'''

 A larger defense weapon would likely be more easily deployed from a holster than having to dig in a pocket or purse for that small highly concealed weapon. Other models are shaped to permit a firm hand grip or to put the business end of the device at the perfect angle to be most effective. Every individual has personal self defence preferences for what stun gun '''[[http://istick.einsamerplanet.de/wiki/AdrianMontgomery?bulletproofvest|blackhawk tactical]]'''

 hair growth self defense weapon works best for them. Color actually appeals to men and women differently as well.

Size also is related to how many attackers you may wish to defend against and for how first aid kits inc long. Shape of a self defense weapon often determines how well a defender can keep hold of the military surplus weapon under duress. Each shape and size of these self defense products comes with a variety of additional features, and '''[[http://lshell.ghantoos.org/DermotPearson?lawenforcementtraining|disaster preparedness]]'''

 they all sell based on stun gun pen an individual's need for protection. And, of course, tactical gear when hooting' anything, aim is important, and it can be highly influenced by size and shape of the 'gun'. A pocket or purse model of a pepper spray would not be suitable when walking alone at night where attacks could happen by surprise. Some models of stun guns tactical military gear have a safety pin to disable wholesale first aid kits the unit if you lose possession of it.

A 3 ounce size is better than a half ounce of pepper spray, and under duress one can afford to be less effective at hitting the tazer target immediately when using the larger 3 ounce size.

Size is often linked to how imminent an attack is. Size is a primary preference '''[[http://batswirl.com/members/sofiapmccartym.aspx?kevlarvest|tactical equipment]]'''

 which attracts buyers. Sizes and shapes stun gun pepper spray taser holster assault vest body armor of non lethal shooting devices have been optimized to help in this regard in any circumstance law enforcement equipment for nearly any individual. The ease of carrying and the ease kv850 stun gun review of deploying the personal security device is often determined by its size. Stun guns typically do not shoot, but they make an intimidating noise that is frightening to an attacker self defense products at a distance. The best self defense products are the ones that hoot' at a distance of 10 feet or more, thereby keeping danger at a distance, whether it be with pepper tactical gear for spray or tasers.

There are a great many shapes and sizes for the various non lethal personal safety body armor products on the market such as stun guns, pepper spray, stun batons and tasers.

Color may contribute to how well the security devices can be concealed or identified when being used. For example, color often is an important nova stun gun police model factor for choosing one device over the other. Sizes can be large or small but all stun guns feature this as a deterrent to attackers. A lanyard helps one to retain possession of the weapon so it cannot be taken away.

I'm not convinced all these shapes and sizes are based on suitability to task; however, but there must be good reasons for all this variety.