The redesign of FOSSEEE website has been long overdue and this wiki is going to serve as the update page on all related information for the same. The idea is to design the website in such a way that it will reflect the actual ecosystem of FOSSEE comprising of Python and Scilab groups. Therefore, the central website( should serve as a holder website mainly having links to the teams, events of FOSSEE and subdomains would provide team specific information. Keeping this in mind, here's the proposed partitioning



3. ->


Along with this there are other links which are as important which should be linked to the main page. The list of these links can be found here. The journals of team discussion on the website design can be found out below. If you belong to the FOSSEE team(either Python or Scilab team) you are welcome to leave your inputs on the same in the Wiki without deleting the present information. Discussions, final decisions on the design of the website can be found in the Design Loop.

Discussions Journal

1. 11-01-2012

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